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WE : Photos du Browning HP35 GBB

Quelques nouvelles photos du Browning Hi-Power 35, qui a fait l’objet d’une première annonce de la part de WE en mai 2009, et dont quelques photos du prototype ont été dévoilées en juillet 2010. Il semble cette fois s’agir de la version finale, diffusées par le shop Redwolf Airsoft – ce qui laisse à penser que la sortie est imminente !

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Viva La M1919!

The brand new Viva Arms M1919 machine is now for sale at Airsoft GI.  Own this amazing airsoft gun and work of art.  It’s mobile enough to use on the battle field and we built enough to enrich any era themed collection.



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Tanaka Browning High Power M1935 Military Steel Finish

This is one airsoft guns that will really make you reach into your pocket to add to your collection. Available for US$183 at RedWolf Airsoft… "A true classic, this Tanaka version of the Browning is a pretty looking pistol. It comes with wood-style grips, and looks just like the real thing. With a steel lookalike finish, this is one pistol that will fool all but the highly trained eye to think it is metal.

Tanaka make pretty looking replicas, and this is a fine example also. However, it only takes HFC134A gas, giving a modest 205fps performance as standard. We would strongly recommend NOT using Top Gas with this gun."

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WE: Protos M14, Sten, Browning, Grease, ACR, M16, …

Petit tour traditionnel dans les labos de WE pour voir les futures répliques gaz blowback visibles à divers états d’avancement ! Au programme les M14 et AK-74U dont la sortie semble imminente ainsi que les Browning Hi-Power, Sten Gun, M16A1 VN et M16A2 en cours de développement. De plus nous pouvons également apercevoir sur les étagères des Grease Gun, L85 ou G36 visiblement encore à l’état de projet. La patience est l’art d’espérer …



WE Sten Gun GBB

WE M16A1 VN et M16A2 GBB

WE Browning Hi-Power GBB

WE Grease Gun, L85 et G36 GBB

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The WE Prototype Smorgasbord: M14, Sten Gun, Browning HP, M16 VN and AK-74U + others

My inbox is overflowing with alleged prototype pics of up and coming prototypes from WE. A little bitImage2 of investigation traced them back to the God Armed Blog. Take a stroll through the inner sanctums of WE Research and Development. These are presented in various stages of completeness, so expect to see partials and remember products shown may change in their final incantations. Enjoy.

WE Browning Hi-Power

ap_F23_20100228095418967 ap_F23_20100228095429167 ap_F23_20100228095440670 ap_F23_20100228095451979

Sten Gun

ap_F23_20100228094548857 ap_F23_20100228094604794 ap_F23_20100228094611732 ap_F23_20100228094623308 ap_F23_20100228094651585 ap_F23_20100228094706126 ap_F23_20100228094716313 ap_F23_20100228094728871


m14GBB ap_F23_20100228094316169 ap_F23_20100228094340856 ap_F23_20100228094350441 ap_F23_20100228094405621 ap_F23_20100228094416824 ap_F23_20100228094421300 ap_F23_20100228095056605 ap_F23_20100228095107728 (1) ap_F23_20100228095128969 ap_F23_20100228094835302 ap_F23_20100228094915954


ap_F23_20100228095235123 ap_F23_20100228095248357 ap_F23_20100228095307435

M16A1 VN and M16A2

m161 ap_F23_20100228094505624

Grease Gun


What else can you spot on the WE wall of Wonderful? Maybe an L85, or a G36 maybe…

ap_F23_20100228094454521 (1) ap_F23_20100228094738523

What’s missing from the blowback system on the KAC PDW below and M14 above, give you a clue, brass. Is WE testing a new full cycle gas blowback system?

ap_F23_20100228094955769 ap_F23_20100228095005861 ap_F23_20100228095028873 ap_F23_20100228095041645

Only time will tell what surfaces from WE Labs, only time will tell……

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Viva Arms M1919 Browning Machine Gun Pre-Order

Aha! Getting bigger this time, though we wish this could have been a gas blowback one. RedWolf Airsoft is now taking pre-orders for this one… "The M1919 Browning is a .30 caliber medium machine gun that was widely used during the 20th century. It was used as a light infantry, coaxial, mounted, aircraft, and anti-aircraft machine gun by the U.S. and many other countries, especially during World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War.

Although it began to be superseded by newer designs in the later half of the century (such as by the M60 machine gun), it remained in use in many North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) countries and elsewhere for much longer. It is very similar in design to the larger .50 in (12.7 mm) M2 Machine Gun, which is also a Browning-designed weapon and is still in NATO service.

Viva Arms produces this excellent Airsoft replica made from steel and aluminum. The M1919 Browning Machine Gun comes with an M2 style Tripod made from Steel. Batteries Not Included. For more details check back soon!"

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